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November 2008 Group News - Wilkes County Boy Scouts

Wilkes County Boy Scouts

When you arrive at MerleFest each year, chances are the first faces you see are smiling Wilkes County Boy Scouts. For the past seventeen years, the Scouts have managed the shuttle busses that take festival-goers from parking lots to the festival site as well as managing the information booth. Linda and Gary Jordan, long-time Boy Scout leaders, said of the MerleFest volunteer experience, "Our most important role is that we serve as goodwill ambassadors as we greet and assist our visitors."

The funds raised at MerleFest allow seven Boy Scout troops to operate a substantial part of their year-round programs for the boys. Some of the community projects that benefit from their participation in the festival include: Scouting for Food, National Lands Day Lake Clean-up, Eagle projects that benefit all communities, and service projects for schools, churches, and many other organizations.

The boys also benefit personally from the funds raised at MerleFest. They receive quality programs, camping experiences, and take high adventure trips (like Philmont in New Mexico). The funds are also used to purchase much needed resources such as camping equipment.

MerleFest thanks the Boy Scouts for their service to our MerleFest family (imagine if we didn't have those shuttle busses!) and for their friendly and helpful attitudes as they greet all who come to the festival. The community appreciates the good works they do year-round. Remember to thank a Boy Scout at MerleFest 2009.