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March 2009 Group News - Wilkes County Recreation

March 2009 - Wilkes County Recreation

If you visit Lowe's Park at River's Edge any time other than the last weekend in April, you will see people of all ages playing soccer and flag football, flying remote control airplanes, and skateboarding. The Wilkes County Recreation Department oversees the park all year and during MerleFest they manage the River's Edge Campground. The funds they receive for their work help to pay security and gate staff during the festival and help to maintain the park year-round.

Suzanne Hamby, Wilkes County Emergency Coordinator, oversees the volunteers that prepare the area for camping and keep it clean all weekend. In general they try to make festival-goers' stay at River's Edge a delightful one. These volunteers are not only from the Recreation Department, but from other county services as well.

Of these volunteers Suzanne noted, "The volunteers who work with us at River's Edge get to know and become friends with the people who attend the festival. They keep in touch during the year. Year after year, the people attending the festival and who camp at River's Edge are like family."

Next time you go to River's Edge to watch your child or grandchild play soccer or to fly a remote control plane, remember that the dedication of the volunteers from Wilkes County Recreation Department during MerleFest helps keep the park beautiful and functional all year. Thank you for your efforts in making Wilkes County a healthier and more enjoyable place to live.