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February 2010 - Group News - WCC Human Services Club

WCC Human Services Club

The MerleFest Convenience Store is staffed by the students of Wilkes Community College's Human Services Club each year. At the store, festival-goers can purchase small convenience items without traveling off-campus. At a very warm MerleFest 2009, sunscreen was a big seller at the store. A few of the other items they sell are insect repellant, aspirin, band- aids, hand sanitizer, MerleFest posters, and magnets. Club advisor Erica Sales-Walker says the club's thirty-five members not only serve MerleFest customers, but also perfect skills like multitasking and communication, which will enhance their future employment status.

"Since we donate a large portion of the earnings, we are able to help another local non-profit agency, which is truly what serving the community is about. Over the past few years, in addition to the donations, we have funded student scholarships and club activities like attending conferences or seminars with the funds earned at MerleFest," Erica comments. The students of the Human Services Club enjoy the interaction with the diverse population that makes up the MerleFest audience. "Students get the opportunity to meet and talk to people from all over the world; this lets them see how the local interest in bluegrass music can have a global effect on our community. We find it very rewarding to work at MerleFest and are excited and looking forward to this year."