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December 2011 - Volunteer Spotlight - Jennifer Nardini

December 2011 - Volunteer Spotlight - Jennifer Nardini

December 2011 - Jennifer NardiniMerleFest volunteer Jennifer Nardini of North Wilkesboro volunteered for ten years with various community groups in the area before volunteering for the MerleFest organization for the first time in 2011. She worked backstage security. In this role she saw the musicians interact with their families and fans. She says, “It touched my heart to see how deeply the musicians care for their fans and how down-to-earth and friendly the musicians are.”

Jennifer had a satisfying twenty-two career in Information Systems Development. She is now a stay-at-home mom who loves raising her two youngest children, Angie, age 13, and Christopher, age 15. Jennifer also enjoys gardening, arts and crafts, sewing and photography.

She continues, “MerleFest has always brought great experiences into our lives. It’s a place to enjoy wonderful music in a secure setting, which is so important, as we always bring our children. We have also hosted two men in our home over the past five years for MerleFest. The festival has created these and many other friendships for us. MerleFest has enriched our lives and filled it with so many blessings in addition to the fine music. I hope to have the privilege of attending for many years to come.”