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February 2012 - Group Spotlight - North Wilkesbor Kiwanis Club

February 2012 - Group Spotlight - North Wilkesboro Kiwanis Club

In March as MerleFest approaches and the days become warmer and longer, we can almost hear the music and smell the delicious aromas that come from the food tent as we walk through the campus. One of the civic groups that will be here during MerleFest producing really delicious aromas is the North Wilkesboro Kiwanis Club, which prepares Philly steak and cheese sandwiches, French fries and apple products for festival-goers.

Bob Laney, Kiwanis Club representative and known by members as the Duke of Merle, explains that all monies the club earns through their MerleFest sales are donated to various charities, mostly emphasizing children and reading.

Bob remembers a late Sunday evening as the club members were cleaning up their area, and the lead singer for one of the bands came by after they had stopped serving. “He asked if we had any food we were planning to discard. I gave him half dozen sandwiches. Later as I was walking across campus, I passed his bus parked in front of the administration building, and I could see him inside sharing the sandwiches with his band members and their families.” Ah, the memories of MerleFest!