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November 2012 - Volunteer Spotlight - Judith Melton
November 2012 - Volunteer Spotlight - Judith Melton

/images/2010/Images/VolunteeringImages/Volunteers/Photo-Judith Melton Nov 2012.jpgJudith Melton attended the first MerleFest in 1988. Judith states, "I have been coming since the very first one when the stage was a flatbed truck and
everyone just had blankets to lie on. It's been great watching it grow." Judith's first year as a volunteer was 2009.

She has volunteered at many different locations over the years including photo platform, usher, Little Pickers Family Area, Hospitality and Flattop's Getaway. She also says, "It has been a great experience. I love the music and meeting really nice people. I look forward to it every year, and I try to encourage others to volunteer."

One of Judith's special memories is the peaceful feeling she had, sitting with the breeze blowing in her hair while watching Nickel Creek on the cabin
stage with her 15-year-old niece and her best friend. Judith has lots of favorite entertainers, Zac Brown, John Cowan, Sam Bush, Alison Krauss, Doc
Watson, Vince Gill and Nickel Creek to name a few.

Judith remembers one time she and her friend were headed back to her campsite after volunteering. It was close to suppertime. They were really looking forward to the cookout and all the music that would be playing that evening. They were talking about it and really not paying much attention, as they were crossing over a creek. Judith saw a big black snake. It didn't look real, she thought someone was playing a trick and just trying to scare some girls at the bathrooms. As they walked by, the snake rubbed against her friend's foot. She jumped and said, "What was that...eeeh!" They both looked back and thought it looked plastic, but then it started slithering and...skidding into the creek. She said it was probably about 5 feet long. "We took off running and screaming. That was no fake snake" says Judith.

Judith lives in Hudson North Carolina, and is in real estate. She grew up around a piano singing gospel songs from a young age. Her husband
plays guitar and sings, mostly at church. Her son plays violin and sings at UNC-Charlotte in the opera program. Her hobbies include camping, hiking,
traveling and church.