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Little Pickers Family Area

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April 23-26, 2020

Little Pickers Family Area

Special Activities and Crafts

The Little Pickers Family Area is full of activities for all ages! Bubble fun, pictures with Flattop, amusements, games, sand play, face painting and so much more! Look for the big tent to find all of our crafts. Crafts include:

  • Painting
  • Play Dough Art
  • Crayon Art
  • Shimmer Bottles
  • Coffee Filter Hats
  • Sand Art
  • Mural Wall
  • Bead Necklaces
  • Scrap Exchange

Special Entertainment

The Little Pickers Stage performances include unique acts selected with children in mind such as scheduled “meet and greet” with Flattop. Bring a camera and get your photo made with Flattop! Entertainment will be scheduled throughout the weekend on the Little Pickers Stage.

R&R Tent

The R&R Tent, located within the Little Pickers Family Area, provides a place for guests to sit down and relax and for children, accompanied by a parent, to nap. Enjoy the R&R Tent when you need a little break from the MerleFest action.

Acoustic Kids Showcase


Once again MerleFest is offering Acoustic Kids Showcases for young musicians.These are showcases, not contests! You must apply to be a part of the Acoustic Kid Showcases, but if you would like to attend the showcases, they are free and open to the public at the festival.

Young pickers and singers of any skill level (through age 16) have opportunities to perform on the festival stage in a supportive environment. Accompanists may be any age, and bands are eligible as long as at least one featured performer is 16 years of age or younger.

As a show, the Acoustic Kids Showcases are not for kids only; they are for music lovers of all ages. Come applaud the efforts of the next generation of pickers, singers and other traditional style performers. You will be treated to an Oprystyle stream of young entertainers who will warm your heart and take your breath away. And you’ll come away knowing that the future of our music is in good hands.



Apply Online

Mail In Application


  • Please read the full Application Instructions before filling out the application. It will help you!
  • Application Dates to come for 2020. 
  • You will need to have one to three demos ready to include with this application. Please see the Demo Nitty-Gritty for details.


Flattop Waving


The big friendly raccoon you will see at MerleFest is our mascot, Flattop. Why a raccoon? Merle Watson’s band, Frosty Morn, used a raccoon as its logo, based on his suggestion. A naming contest gave Flattop his name–a truly fitting one because of Merle and Doc’s mastery of the flattop guitar. Don’t forget to wave when you see Flattop!