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Today is Mon. 23AUG21 /Thank you, Merlefest! – I’m very pleased to see the new protocols for festival entry! (i.e., proof of vaccination – card or cell phone photo/-or- proof of negative test within 72 hours. ) I just attended a festival in Telluride CO last weekend where we, too, – I was working at the check-in – allowed a cell phone photo of a vaccination card, but, in addition, we VERIFIED their photo IDs. (anyone can take a photo of someone else’s vaccination card, can’t they?). We also provided Rapid Tests (at no charge). I do think people should be vaccinated to protect others, if not themselves, especially Food Workers. Will ID’s be insisted upon from all ticket-holders, guests, etc.? And, regarding the daily ‘health attestation’ of ‘All Volunteers/Festival Staff/Food Workers/Bus Drivers’, etc.: will you be insisting on vaccination proof from 100% of them as prerequisite to helping at the festival? Thank you…