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Good morning Drew (and Toby & USLB20) – apologies if any of you are like ‘um, new thread please’. But hey – MF is like a big extended family… To answer your questions Drew – the RV experience at MF is quite special. I’ve done it three prior years (have to cancel due to daughter’s university parents weekend being rescheduled for next week)… anyway, to your questions: I don’t recall available showers in the RV area so boondocking it or sneaking into the Bojangles restroom are your best options. As for generators, everyone is pretty chill in the RV area – I don’t recall anyone getting upset with late night generators – besides, the dance hall goes pretty late and most people in the RV area are still returning and vibing at midnight. As for dump station, I didn’t need to pull out nor to I recall anyone doing so. As for space, its not as tight as you might imagine. they provide enough space so that you can set up your awning / chairs / cooking areas between spaces. Pro tip: if you can arrive on Wednesday morning to set up the camper, you’ll have better choice of spots. Most returning RVers do so so that they can get a spot in the first row so that they have some green space overlooking the festival. Sorry for long post.