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Hello Ron,
I have 1 general admission seat ticket that I was just getting ready to post for sale on here. It also includes a reserved seat that is right center row 33 seat 36. Its an awesome seat. About 6 rows in front of the sound booth right in the middle and the first seat of the row. Easy to get in and out of quickly. Ticket total was $271.55. I just want to get something out of it instead of a refund because I want to keep my option of that reserved seat for next year. I don’t have a parking pass because I always stay at North Wilkes Fire Dept. campground and they shuttle to and from, but they can’t this year because of the Covid surge. You can have it for half price $135. Let me know because I will post it later this evening around 5pm for anybody to get if I don’t hear back from you. Thanks, Ken