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Haven’t checked to see if there’s been a replacement, but an artist who performed at the NC Folk Festival as the Friday night (Sept. 10th) headliner may be of interest. She may be already booked, but Molly Tuttle’s new rock-oriented show would have been a natural to replace We Banjo 3. The new show would be an absolute stunner in the dance tent. It was impossible to ignore the attraction that younger folks showed to Molly’s charismatic and near-flawless performance. She got in plenty of her usual amazing guitar runs, but the new Molly showed some amazing vocal versatility. If she wasn’t already shoehorned into the “bluegrass” genre, she’d be a breath of fresh (and multi-talented) air to the staid and stale Nashville same-old-same-old. But maybe the shots fired last night got her some much-deserved attention.