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Jam Camp

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April 23-26, 2020

Jam Camp

Bluegrass Jam Camp

No jamming experience is necessary! The MerleFest Jam Camp, running Monday-Thursday pre-festival, is a unique combination of classroom instruction and small jamming or performing groups, coached by teachers led by “Dr. Banjo”, Pete Wernick. Pete’s camps at Merlefest date back to 1991! The location is Camp Harrison, a spacious, rustic, well-built Y Camp 12 miles south of Merlefest.

If you play guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass or resonator guitar (Dobro), you can be part of a bluegrass jam! Every camper will be placed in different groups according to experience level. The Basic Level Camp, led by Gilbert Nelson, will work with beginners through early intermediates, showing the basics to get everyone playing bluegrass together in small groups. Gilbert is the Wernick Method’s most experienced jam teacher, having graduated over 1000 jammers! 

Just up the hill, the Intermediate/Advanced Camp will be conducted by Pete Wernick and his veteran staff. This camp is nearly full, mainly lacking banjo players, fiddlers, and bass players. 

The Basic Camp

The ONLY two requirements are: You must be able to tune your instrument and follow chord changes smoothly between G, C, D, and A. Fast playing not expected, instrumental soloing not required (simple soloing is taught), singing not required, though encouraged. You will be jamming right away, playing real bluegrass, but slower.

The Intermediate/Advanced Camp

Designed for experienced jammers, this camp offers daily instrument classes, group coaching, and harmony instruction. Many repeat campers and others are there to learn musicianship, ear skills, band teamwork, practice techniques, and more. Camp is full except for banjos, fiddles, basses.

For complete information or to sign up, please visit www.LetsPick.org

Jamming at Camp Harrison