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    I have been to Merlefest 16 times but this will be my first opportunity to camp onsite in the RV parking. I have my tickets and my RV parking pass.

    I am looking for information on what amenities are on site. I understand it is boondocking in a parking lot, we have a super quiet generator, solar power and extra water on board.

    Questions are;
    Is fresh water available on site?
    Does anyone use the dump station with a rolling dump tank?
    Can you purchase ice on site?
    Are there public shower access in the collage buildings? I remember a shower in the bathroom in the lounge building.

    Any other insight on how to prepare is appreciated. We are seasoned campers and festival attendees that have boondocked several times.

    We make great neighbors…and we jam too!

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    Howdy, I’ve been to MF several times and have camped on site in the RV parking area each time.

    Answers to your questions:

    -Fresh water is available at the RV site, the hosts will tell you the exact location. Bring some containers.
    -I successfully used a rolling dump tank to the dump station. It’s too far to roll by hand, you’ll want to use a vehicle.
    -I have not seen any ice for sale.
    -I know of no shower access.

    Once at the RV site, you will have access to the music areas without having to go through the gates every day. That’s one bonus. The walk isn’t too far and downhill to the venue, uphill of course on the way back. Shuttles will take you if you wish and they run often.

    Thanks for having a quiet generator and solar, we have the same and use generator only for some cooking. We were at MF last September and it was hot, generators were loud and obnoxious, smell and noise. End of April weather will be cooler, so I’m hoping the generator action for A/C won’t be as bad as it was. Thankfully there are quiet hours and people are respectful.


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    Thanks very much for the information. It’s pretty much as expected. We will be prepared in every way and of course it almost always rains at Merlefest…muck boots and rain suits are recommended.

    There is no bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

    Big white truck towing an Airstream. 🙂

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    Thanks for the rain gear reminder. Compared to other festivals, the MF site has a lot of hard surfaces and muck is limited. RV site is hard gravel and paved, so I’m not concerned about that. At the stages umbrellas are inconsiderate, and you reminded me to make sure our ponchos are packed.

    White Ford truck towing a grey CampLite

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