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  • slimdusty

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    I just signed up for the forum can someone tell me can I trust the ticket trader? Are there any guarantees? How do I know I will get my tickets from the person posting? I’m looking for 2 in the reserved section but I just wasn’t sure if this forum had any kind of protection for your ticket purchases.



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    I am new to the forum and am guessing there are no guarantees, but I do have two four day passes in the reserved section for sale and promise you can trust me! My tickets are left center Row 46 seats 38 and 39. I paid $270 each plus fees, but can sell at a discount. My cell is 336-918-1323 and email is if you are interested. We are still going but ended up with two extra tickets.


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    slimdusty – Did you try to buy tickets from fincannon? I am seeing on the site that someone says he is a scammer – and I wanted to ask you.

Viewing 3 posts – 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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