Click here for the online 2015 MerleFest Volunteer Application!

Thanks for wanting to be a MerleFest Volunteer! As a volunteer you will receive free entry to the festival for the entire day of your shift. More importantly, you will be supporting a major fundraiser for Wilkes Community College. The benefits from this festival to our students and community are too many to list! In other guys ROCK.

First, you will want to check out the different kinds of “Volunteer Opportunities” we offer. After you’ve read all the fun things you can do, you should head over to “Become A Volunteer” and fill out the online application. We can mail one to you if you prefer...just give our volunteer coordinator a call at 336-838-6262 or by emailing

We will accept applications for MerleFest 2015 until April 10, 2015.








Below are the many different areas for our volunteers. You have the ability to list your top 3 choices in the Volunteer Application, so be sure to read what each area is all about!

Americana Stage Usher

Assist stage manager as needed daily with disabled individuals, cleaning up trash, etc. Assist with load-in and load-out as needed. This job may be in full sun.

Creekside Stage Usher

Assist stage manager as needed daily with disabled individuals, cleaning up trash, etc.  Assist with load-in and load-out as needed. This job may be in full sun.

Dance Stage Usher

Keep dance floor clear of backpacks, strollers, seating audience members, etc. Assist with load-in and load-out as needed.

Hillside Stage Usher

Assist stage manager as needed daily with disabled individuals, cleaning up trash, straightening chairs, etc. Assist with load-in and load-out as needed. This job may be in full sun.

Mayes Pit Stage Usher

Assist stage manager as needed to ensure that fire code regulations are followed, ensure that people do not block aisles or doorways, pick up trash. Assist with load-in and load-out as needed.

Traditional Stage Usher

Assist stage manager as needed daily with disabled individuals, cleaning up trash, straightening chairs, etc. Assist with load-in and load-out as needed. This job may be in full sun.

Walker Center Stage Usher

Ensure that fire code regulations are followed by monitoring doorways. Access is limited once auditorium is filled. Ensure people do not block aisles or doorways. Do not allow food or beverages into the auditorium. Provide general information to attendee. Monitor restrooms and call custodians as needed.

Watson Stage Usher / Audience Information

Answer questions and assist as necessary before 5:00p.m. After 5:00p.m., ask those without reserved seating wristbands to move to the general seating area and help those with reserved seating wristbands to find their seats. Control access from 5:00p.m. to close of each evening's performance. This job may be in full sun.

Little Pickers

Assist with securing area around activities, maintaining lines for inflatables, assist with numerous sign-ups, and other assignments as necessary. This job may be in full sun.


Sell MerleFest raffle tickets. Work with the silent auction, ensuring that all monies are accurate and that tickets, funds, and items are secure at all times.

Hospitality Hayes Hall

Set up and maintain meals, snacks and beverages for Hayes Hall meal area and for delivery per schedule to other locations. Volunteers check meal cards for access to 2nd floor dining area. Hospitality volunteers must wear either a hat, hairnet, or hair restraint if handling food. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts are allowed. No sandals or open-toe shoes.

Food Vendor Trailer

Maintain security for goods stored in trailers - no one to enter unless they are with the MerleFest food supplier or a designated MerleFest food vendor. This job requires heavy lifting and may be in full sun.

Perimeter Security

Provides various wristband checks and security in areas presenting minor security risks, assist with traffic control, etc. This job may be in full sun.

RV Campground

Assist RV owners with parking vehicles as needed, ensure that vehicles are parked correctly and that any vehicle which is temporarily brought in for transfer of items are moved within a reasonable period of time. Other duties as needed. This job may be in full sun.


Assist as needed if a volunteer does not show up for their shift or if something unexpected arises. You will be required to remain at Flattop's Getaway tent for the entire shift if not called to work at a site. Bring a book or other means of passing the time. Locations may be in full sun.


Mingle with crowds and do one-on-one surveys. This job may be in full sun.

Flattop's Getaway Hospitality

Assist Flattop's staff with checking volunteers in and out.

Stage Crew

Assist stage manager and audio engineers as needed with production once the festival has begun including, but not limited to, load-in and load-out of band gear on and off the stage. There will be heavy lifting involved - volunteers should be able to lift at least 50lbs. Volunteers must wear close-toe shoes; NO sandals. Stage crew relief volunteers are also required to wear close-toe shoes. This job may be in full sun for extended periods of time.

Click here for the MerleFest 2015 Online Volunteer Application


For assistance please contact:
Lee K. Cornett
Merlefest Volunteer Coordinator
(336) 838-6262

[su_spoiler title="How does volunteering work?" open="yes"]

You may volunteer for one, two, three, or four days. Most shifts will be three to five hours. In scheduling, priority is given to four-day requests. Veteran volunteers are given priority over first-time applicants. You will receive a free admission for the day of your volunteer shift and are welcome to enjoy the festival for the entire day of your shift. Come early, stay late! You will receive your volunteer gift, a commemorative pin, at the end of your last volunteer shift.

[su_spoiler title="What are the requirements to volunteer?"]

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Conscientious
  • Energetic
  • Courteous and polite
  • Application and recent photo on file
  • First-time volunteers must send a $35 deposit check with your application

[su_spoiler title="How do you sign up?"]

We are accepting applications NOW! You may apply on-line or request a volunteer application by mail by contacting the volunteer coordinator at, or by using the contact us form and selecting Individual Volunteers from the drop down.Volunteer applications will be taken through April 10, 2015. ALL volunteers are required to send a recent photograph. Photos may be sent to the address below or emailed to Anyone who has never worked as a MerleFest volunteer, or has failed to report to a scheduled volunteer position in previous years without notifying MerleFest, must send a personal check for $35 made out to MerleFest to the address below. Checks and photos must be received within two weeks of application submission. Please mail photo and $35 checks to: MerleFest, Attention: Volunteer Coordinator, P.O. Box 120, Wilkesboro, N.C. 28697. After all volunteer shifts are successfully completed, the deposit will be returned to the volunteer at Flattop's Getaway. Volunteers will receive their volunteer schedule no later than six weeks after we receive the application.

CANCELLATION POLICY FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS - Notification of cancellation for MerleFest 2015 must be received by 5:00pm EST on April 10. New volunteers who cancel after that date or fail to successfully complete any volunteer shift, will have their deposit check cashed by MerleFest. Neither new volunteers nor veterans who cancel any shift after April 10 will be considered for volunteer positions at MerleFest 2016.

[su_spoiler title="May I send cash, money order, or use a credit card for my volunteer deposit?"]

Nope! Sorry, we only accept a personal check.

[su_spoiler title="What if I don't have a checking account?"]

Ask a friend or parent to write your check. They will not lose the money if you successfully complete your volunteer shifts. MerleFest will cash a deposit check only if the volunteer cancels after April 10, 2015 or if his/her volunteer shifts are not successfully completed. (See complete cancellation policy at the end of the volunteer application.)

[su_spoiler title="What if I need to cancel after April 10th, 2015?"]

Volunteer deposit checks will not be returned. Neither veteran volunteers nor first-time volunteers who cancel any shift after this date will be considered for volunteering at MerleFest 2016.

[su_spoiler title="Is camping included in the volunteer benefits?"]

Camping is NOT included, but volunteers may camp at River's Edge Campground. Camping passes for the entire weekend are available to volunteers for $75. You may reserve a site by calling the MerleFest Box Office at 336-838-6260.

[su_spoiler title="What if I need to be scheduled with a friend or family member?"]

We do try to schedule friends and family members at least in the same general time slots, but it is absolutely necessary that you list that person's name on your application (they need to do the same) and send in your deposits and photos at the same time.

[su_spoiler title="What if I can't make it to the Volunteer Kick-Off Party and Training Event?"]

You will miss a great time of pre-festival music and refreshments with your fellow volunteers, but we understand that not everyone can arrive on Wednesday evening, April 22, 2015. On-site training will be available for those who cannot attend.

[su_spoiler title="Where do volunteers park?"]

Free volunteer parking is in Parking Lot D—just follow the signs on Highway 268 or use the convenient Getting Here map to find directions from your home to Parking Lot D. Shuttle buses will take you to the campus. Be sure to allow sufficient time for shuttle bus waits and checking in at Volunteer Check-in (where you will receive your wristband) and at Flattop's Getaway (where you will receive further information about your assignment). Please report to your assigned work area on time and check in with your team leader!

[su_spoiler title="Further Questions?"]

 If you have further questions, refer to our website, use the contact form and select Individual Volunteers from the drop down, email us at