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Volunteer at the greatest music festival on the planet, earn a free ticket for the day, and share the MerleFest love.

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Volunteer At MerleFest

The volunteer application will open for MerleFest 2020 on October 1, 2019.

Below are some FAQs that folks usually have about volunteering.  As a volunteer you will receive free entry to the festival for the entire day of your shift, free parking and shuttle, and/or 10% off camping at River’s Edge Campground. More importantly, you will be supporting a major fundraiser for Wilkes Community College. The benefits from this festival to our students and community are too many to list! In other words…you ROCK!

First, you will want to check out the different kinds of Volunteer Opportunities we offer. After you’ve read all the fun things you can do, fill out the online volunteer application. We have two applications – our Individual Application and our Stage Crew Only Application. Do not fill out both applications. Choose from one or the other. If you have any questions or need assistance filling out the application, please give our volunteer coordinator a call at 336-838-6262 or email merlefest.volunteer@wilkescc.edu.



How does volunteering work?

The volunteer application will open for MerleFest 2020 on October 1, 2019.

You may volunteer for one, two, three, or four days. Most shifts will be three to five hours. You will receive free admission for the day of your volunteer shift and are welcome to enjoy the festival for the entire day of your shift. Come early, stay late! You will receive your volunteer commemorative pin at the end of your last volunteer shift.

We do require a $50 deposit for first time volunteers. This must be in the form of a personal check. The deposit will be returned to you if you successfully complete your volunteer shift(s). MerleFest will cash a deposit check if the volunteer cancels after April 15, 2019, or if his/her volunteer shifts are not successfully completed.

May I send cash, money order, or use a credit card for my volunteer deposit?

Nope! Sorry, we only accept a personal check.

Is camping included in the volunteer benefits?

Camping is NOT included. Volunteers may camp at River’s Edge Campground, please call the MerleFest Box Office at 1-800-343-7857 for more information and prices. However, volunteers will receive a 10% discount at River’s Edge Campground. The volunteer coordinator is not responsible for reserving a camp site. It is totally the responsibility of the volunteer to contact the campground to reserve a camp site.

Where do volunteers park?

Free volunteer parking is in Parking Lot D or Parking Lot V. Lot V is located off of Highway 421 off Exit 285.  Lot D is located off Highway 268. Follow the signs for both lots. Our arrival brochure outlines how to get to each of these lots. Shuttle buses will take you to the campus. Be sure to allow sufficient time for shuttle bus waits and checking in at Volunteer Check-in (where you will receive your wristband) and at Flattop’s Getaway (where you will receive further information about your assignment). Please report to your assigned work area on time and check in with your team leader!

How do you sign up?

The volunteer application will open for MerleFest 2020 on October 1, 2019.

You may apply online. Do not apply for both Individual application and Stage Crew application. Please choose either Individual Application or Stage Crew Only Application. If you have questions or need help filling out either application, please contact the volunteer coordinator at merlefest.volunteer@wilkescc.edu. ALL volunteers are required to send a recent photograph. Photos may be sent to the address below or emailed to merlefest.volunteer@wilkescc.edu. Anyone who has never worked as a MerleFest volunteer, or has failed to report to a scheduled volunteer position in previous years without notifying MerleFest, must send a personal check for $50 made out to MerleFest to the address below. Checks and photos must be received within two weeks of application submission. Please mail photo and $50 checks to: MerleFest, Attention: Volunteer Coordinator, P.O. Box 120, Wilkesboro, N.C. 28697. After all volunteer shifts are successfully completed, the deposit will be returned to the volunteer or shredded after the festival.

What if I can't make it to the Volunteer Kick-Off Party and Training Event?

You will miss a great time of pre-festival music and fun with your fellow volunteers, but we understand that not everyone can arrive on Wednesday evening, April 24, 2019. On-site training will be available for those who cannot attend.

What are the requirements to volunteer?
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Conscientious
  • Energetic
  • Courteous and polite
  • Application and recent photo on file
  • First-time volunteers must send a deposit ($50 personal check) with the application
What if I don't have a checking account?

Ask a friend or parent to write your check. They will not lose the money if you successfully complete your volunteer shifts. MerleFest will cash a deposit check only if the volunteer cancels after April 15th, or if his/her volunteer shifts are not successfully completed. (See complete cancellation policy at the end of the volunteer application.).

What if I need to be scheduled with a friend or family member?

We do try to schedule friends and family members at least in the same general time slots, but it is absolutely necessary that you list that person’s name on your application (they need to do the same) and send in your deposits and photos at the same time.

What if I need to cancel after April 15?

Volunteer deposit checks will not be returned. Neither veteran volunteers nor first-time volunteers who cancel any shift after this date will be considered for volunteering at MerleFest 2020.

Volunteer Guidelines

What should I pack? Where do I store my stuff durning my shift? Where do I park? All of those questions and more are answered here.

Further Questions?

If you have further questions, refer to our website, use the contact us form or email us at merlefest.volunteer@wilkescc.edu.

Flatop entertains MerleFest Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Click to read about the many different areas for our volunteers. You have the ability to list your top 3 choices in the volunteer application, so be sure to read up on each area!


Volunteers working

Volunteer Guidelines

What should I pack? Where do I park? Where do I store my stuff during my shift? Click below and download our Volunteer Guidelines.

Volunteers enjoying the day

Volunteer Application

As a volunteer you will receive free entry to the festival for the entire day of your shift. Call or email if you have any questions. 336-838-6262 or merlefest.volunteer@wilkescc.edu.